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About These Images

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Some notes on the illustrations that appear on this site...

Pen-&-Inks: The human body. Regarding pure form, nothing is more interesting. Then there are buildings and homes. Indoors, outdoors... the planes we build to shell our bodies from the world... they are interesting too! Architecture is the collaborative ego chiseled into hard surface. Angles. Boundaries. Ratios. I draw these… Faces. Bodies. Muscle and bone. The structures we build to inhabit our tender limbs. And then there's a third thing. Spontaneous shapes! Eddies, spirals and swirls. I take dreams very seriously, the unconscious and her tendency to bite vividly from the dark. I pay attention to designs and colors that announce themselves at night, when I close my eyes. I feel like these images, sometimes bodies and faces, sometimes buildings, and sometimes cunning patterns... these are my mates, and they issue from ancient mechanisms that preceded conscious, daylight ideas in the grand pan-opera of evolution. When it comes to inspiration, I have grown jaundiced toward deliberate intent. It is a thick, sticky thing... the digester and ender of progress. Instead... one must listen to the muse. Or dream idea-juice. Whatever. We shall settle on the thing that won't leave us alone...

Style: A ballpoint pen. I use anxiety to guide the nib. Worry. Yes. Exhilaration and nervousness too. As it stands, my pen-and-inks jettison a traditional familiarity with line. I have landed on scribble. As a matter of curiosity, and an attempt to face square to failure, I limit myself with preparatory sketches and planning. If I can avoid it altogether, I do so. But not always. As it turns out, prep-work is another of those cholesterols. Better to fail and be off to the next clean sheet than obsess over meeting others' expectations. It is a tremendous relief to be done with an image, and a true excitement to begin anew.

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