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On Writing:

Fiction is something like a proto-science. Or maybe even a primary one. I mean this in a spiritual and metaphorical sense. We’ve been scratching at the mysteries of the universe with our pattern recognition software since the earliest days, and telling stories is the definition of a thought experiment. But… the premises, variables, and conclusions are infinite in variety. While that is dissatisfactory for the empiricist, it’s the irreducible ambiguity of the primary science that honors our humanity.

Writing has been as much, maybe even more a part of my creative urge since early childhood. I do not draw too distinct a line between my image-craft and my plot-craft. They are two colors, wet, on the canvas, bleeding together under wicking duress of turpentine and oil.

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Published Works:

Published in the Pikes Peak Writers 2022 anthology, DREAM.

   Genre: Flash Fiction. A young girl learns from All-Father how sleep ages with us.

Published in The Abstract Elephant Magazine.

   Genre: Musings in Essay form. I attempt to explain an ineradicable link between the existence of censorship and civilization. Since it is de facto an integrated arrangement, the question then becomes in what form, and in what spaces, does censorship exist.

Published in Twenty Bellows, a Colorado journal.

   Genre: Literary. A college student and his mixed martial artist friend take a detour through the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Things get just a little bit bizarre when they stop to fill up for gas in Chinle.

Literary Journals to Support:

Published in Scarlet Leaf Review.

   Genre: Essay. AI is upon us. This essay explores the near reality that humanity is designing its demotion among the beasts. We have been apex predators for tens of thousands of years, and likely before the century is up, we are making the sentient being that will replace us as apex predators. It is their job to explore the universe, not necessarily ours. I muse upon this gloomy phenomenon with humor and a love for the story-telling genre that burdens itself to explore this anxious future.

Not published, but it picks up the thoughts from "Timid Romance" and carries the baton into our capacity for paranoia and superstition, and how these qualities are here to stay.

   Genre: Essay. I tackle a prejudice toward paranoia, and frame it within an evolutionary context, aspiring to highlight its usefulness in our survival cause. This essay follows up from the conclusions in "TIMID ROMANCE" and builds upon its assumptions. The universe is full of life. We're not the only ones busy building an intelligence to replace our own.

Published in the fantastic Spry Literary Journal. Please check out/support these dedicated writers and artists.

   Genre: Flash Fiction. In an instant, everything collapses in on itself.

Published in the online journal Chantwood Magazine, which unfortunately is no longer in circuit, this is the version that appeared in ISSUE 9.

   Genre: Literary Sci-fi. Two old friends discuss the day's news headlines: "God's Remains Found on Mount Tolstaya."

Published in Phantom Drift, ISSUE 10, a journal of New Fabulism.

   Genre: Magical Realism. The Author/Reader is absorbed into a farmer's world when his crops are destroyed by hail. We melt into the story, become the language that is needed to tell the tale while dining with Warren, or Ruin, the farmer. This is the dissolution of reality.

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