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Now Available, Pikes Peak Writers Anthology : DREAM

Pikes Peak Writers has published its second volume of stories, DREAM, available now. Put together by the editorial talent of the Pikes Peak region, it offers readers a chance to explore local and non-local voices.

Dreams speak to us in many ways. They are not exclusive to the domain of sleep... we might aspire to things in waking life, and a vision of the future that compels us forward might be grand and good, but it might also be a thing that informs the drama in our life.

My short piece, 'Sleeptstone,' appears in this edition, and in it a dream is metaphor to time. Time: she will have her say and there is nothing we can do to stop this. Along the way, though, we might catch a glimpse of something brilliant... a shining, quiet moment of beauty.

I encourage everyone to check out this anthology and explore the great stories made possible in our own Pikes Peak backyard! Do great things! Pick up a copy and support local art!

~J.L. Lewis

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