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Great News for Colorado Writers and Artists:

Twenty Bellows, a brand new literary journal here in Colorado.

Founded by James Stuart, Twenty Bellows is a new publication looking for that fresh spark of inspiration (submissions!) to put into a premier issue. James has recently returned from the great Northwest. I met him several years ago at the annual Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Over the span of three days, we kept running into each other, and probably in contrast to how he perceived the matter, I foresaw kindred particles finding common ground in a sea of aspiring authors.

While on his sojourn in the Northwest, James both published his short stories in various outlets (including the very first edition of The Almagre Review) and contributed his editorial services to a local journal that featured writers from the Puget Sound area. I've come to know his work through The Forge, ('Catsup' is a perfect little storm of dark humor, the kind where an "all-person" piddles away at life oblivious of the universe's cavernous maw hanging over our heads.) He also authors Jurassic Snark, an occasional newsletter covering some of the more general goings-on in culture and politics... mused upon always with my friend's very funny sarcasm, wistful sadness, grim endurance and the occasional stubborn optimism.

I hope everyone gets a chance to visit Twenty Bellows, and please, please, please send in your work. Support the arts and literature. Get the word out. Share with friends. "Kindred Particles... Unite!"


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