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Dinner With [Ruin]

My short story, "Dinner With [Ruin]," appears in Phantom Drift, Issue 10.

Phantom Drift is a journal of 'New Fabulism' which draws its spirit from 'Magical Realism,' where the bizarre, strange, or unexplainable encroaches upon reality. The fabulist element invites themes of mythology and fairy tales.

Like many literary journal projects, Phantom Drift is a non-profit staffed by editors and contributors, many of whom volunteer their time to make each issue. It is a 'passion project' that seeks to promote artists and writers. Please! I encourage friends to check them out and even purchase a copy to enjoy all the great stories within. Like the Almagre Review I helped to run for several years, all the proceeds go into building next year's issue.

Regarding my story, "[Ruin]," you will witness a farmer's livelihood vanish under the flop-cloud of a devastating hailstorm. As an omni-present authorial entity, the reader begins to be consumed by the farmer's sorrow into the language of the tale.

If you enjoy the publication, and/or my story, please let your friends and fellow travelers know. I beg of you your time, because... well, it is an honor to have it.



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